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Channel 4 playing professional fouls

Channel 4 playing professional fouls

Channel 4 in its new release has alleged that the doctors who had made various statements to international media when they were serving in government hospitals during war time in Wanni, have changed their stance due to pressure by government while under custody of Criminal Investigation Department (CID). If the doctors recant their eyewitnesses they would be imprisoned under Sri Lanka's Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), it has alleged.

This seems another loony allegation level against the government of Sri Lanka by the CH 4. The fact remains true that when the doctors in NFZ, they were entirely under control of the LTTE. The doctors were well aware of the repercussions they would have to face if they say anything against the Tamil Tigers. So they had spoken for them giving exaggerated civilian casualty figures, blaming security forces of arbitrary shelling on hospitals and so on and so forth to the international media. This they had done only for the sake of their survival and to treat the injured they later revealed.  

However, what is interesting here is how the CH4 has dramatized these allegations according to its own imagination and not as what the reality says. How on earth the CH4 says without referring to any of the doctors who are freely available here and abroad, what had really happened when they were in three months brief period in CID until the initial investigations are over.

There were five doctors who served in government hospitals in Wanni and later were liberated by the security forces. Out of the five doctors, three of them have travelled outside Sri Lanka time to time on personal visits, to receive awards and to attend courses. The countries visited by them include India, USA, Australia and Canada.

Further to the point, the doctors too have provided their testimonies to the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) of their true accounts in NFZ during the last phase of humanitarian operation. In which the doctors have revealed the truth to the world. Also, Dr. Sathiyamoorthy who was awarded Inter Action Humanitarian Award 2010 in the USA, has addressed large gathering of international community sharing his role, experiences, difficulties encountered at the event. (")

Their details including present occupational status and whereabouts are given below.

Dr. T Sathayamoorthy MBBS - Formerly RDHS Kilinochchi and presently Medical Superintendent, General hospital Vavuniya, he has visited USA, Australia and Canada. 2011/12

Dr. Shanmugarajah MBBS - Formerly RDHS District Hospital Mullaitivu and presently Medical Superintendent, Mullaitivu Hospital, visited Geneva also attended UNHRC sessions. March 2012

Dr. Vardharajah MBBS - Formerly RDHS District Hospital Mullaitivu, he has been to India for several times and subsequently migrated to the USA. 2012

Dr. Sivapalan MBBS - Formerly Medical Officer Wanni and presently serving as MO, Kilinochchi Hospital in Chavakachcheri.

Dr. Illanchelipalliayn MBBS - Formerly Medical Officer, Kilinochchi. Presently undergoing Post graduate studies, Colombo

Therefore, it is obvious that the motives behind CH 4 new release nothing but to mislead international community attempting to bring false charges against the GoSL. The CH 4 has been drifted long way from professional journalism and playing professional fouls for their sake seems appalling. Moreover, the CH 4 has now hand in hand with pro LTTE groups and finally become their mouthpiece and giving oxygen to the LTTE rumps in exile licking their wounds in a bid to help the outfit gain some legitimacy but in vain.

Therefore, one must think before he jumps into this unwarranted jargon of mis-information as the truth withstands steady above all forces.

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