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Last modified on: 3/18/2012 10:20:53 AM Miliband: Openly with Impunity

Miliband: Openly with Impunity

(By: Saratha Rajendran)

  • British MP howls 'war crimes' after spending 60% of his time for marginal immigrant Tamil votes...

So, is David Miliband having another banana moment? Mr Bean-like pose at the 2008 Labour conference.

Historians give credit to the British for creating most of the internal conflicts in countries which were under British colonial rule. (Rhodesia, India-Pakistan, Sri Lanka etc.) A most apparent case study would be the British Labor party's decision to move from the Tories policy of humanitarian relief in Yugoslavia to threatened, then actual, aggression against the Serbs. By rewarding each separatist group in turn it achieved NATO's covert objective of Balkan fragmentation.

Having said that, why would the same Labour party David Miliband be interested in interfering with a national issue in Sri Lanka soil. The latest exhibition of impunity unfolds as the former British Foreign Minister appears in yet another Channel-4 outcry of "possible war crimes".


Incompetent neo-imperial meddler:

"Incompetent neo-imperial meddler"- and this is how Sri Lanka regards Miliband who has always fallen short of responsible statesmanship on his convictions backed by purely biases and lacking facts.

As Sri Lanka recalls, Miliband on 28th April, 2009 called on the Sri Lankan government to halt its operations and allow a British-French joint humanitarian rescue mission to free trapped civilians: a suggestion which came only after the SL military rescued over 114,000 Tamil civilians held as hostage by the LTTE.

This simply can't be a result of bureaucratic delays that took him so long to figure out the need for such a rescue mission, therefore it is more likely the lobbying of the proxy LTTE global front groups that had prompted the decision.

Despite, the foul cry of possible war crimes the former British Foreign Minister repeats his arrant nonsense failing to neither mention nor acknowledge the rescue of more than 280,000 Tamil civilians forcibly held at gunpoint by LTTE during the final stages of the Sri Lanka conflict.

Having tried to destroy Sri Lanka by resuscitating the LTTE, he now has decided to introduce incriminating evidence to get rid of Sri Lanka through a flawed "judicial" process. Perhaps, he too did a Goebbels thinking that a blatant lie repeated many times over would pass for the truth ultimately.

Adoration of the LTTE:

Miliband during the final days of the Sri Lankan conflict was head over heels that the LTTE terrorists need not surrender and that their taking of hostages would succeed. Hence, Miliband himself stands accountable for further endangering the lives of those civilians and making the terrorist band assume that they could further the suffering of the Tamil hostages(miraculously rescued by the skilful operations of the Sri Lankan security forces).

It is only natural that affluent pro-LTTE lobbyist are in a position to sway MPs in the ranks of Miliband with high end life styles in campaigning for a 'war crime' probe. It is apparent that pooh-pooh British lawmakers like Miliband cannot depend entirely on the votes of enlightened, native Britons to win elections. Therefore, they bank on organized immigrants capable of delivering block votes to politicians and doling out campaign contributions to them in return for their services.

Sheer evidence of how much the Labour politicians depend on Tamil immigrants block votes:

Grave concern for native Britions! A recent advertisement by the proxy LTTE front ‘Tamil for Labour’ in UK.

Wikileaks Revelation:

"Miliband championed aid to Sri Lanka to win votes of Tamils in UK", one of his own Foreign Office staff claimed according to a leaked US Embassy cable. According to the revealed diplomatic cable, MP Miliband has admitted, that while he was the British Foreign Secretary, he spent 60% of his time on Sri Lanka in early 2009 in view of LTTE sympathizers' votes numbering over 300,000 in Labour constituencies.


Irony of polarization of global politics:

FR. Emmanuel (pro-terrorist GTF chief) with Assistant Secretary of State Robert O Blake on 28th March, 2011.

FR. Emmanuel addressing at the UK House of Commons on 24th Feb, 2010.

According to a US State Department Country Report the LTTE terrorists continue to raise funds. The LTTE rump is spending its funds on cynical propaganda and diplomatic war against Sri Lanka with the help of influential western politicians in the likes of Miliband, a section of media (Channel-4) and some desperate clans of the lucrative human rights industry (Amnesty International).

Sri Lanka, which eliminated the military muscle of a bloodthirsty terrorist outfit banned in over 32 countries, is being meddled with impunity instead of being praised and helped with its reconciliation, resettlement and rehabilitation efforts.

It was no secret that the LTTE terrorists were collectively assisted to the hilt in unleashing hell on Sri Lankans especially Tamils including children, elderly, and disabled and injured by the same saviors of humanity and human rights in the West.

Heinous, crimes the LTTE committed for over three decades against civilians are only too well known and it is those atrocities, besides narcotic trade, gun running and money laundering, that compelled the U.S, the EU, Canada and many other countries to ban the outfit as a foreign terrorist organization (FTO). Even the UN named and shamed the LTTE terrorists for crimes against children.

It contains "credible evidence" of the LTTE war crimes. The LTTE's military leaders may be long dead but their confederates must be held answerable for those barbaric crimes, including those who championed the terrorist cause openly with impunity.

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