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The Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) contributed C$ 50,000 to Amnesty International (AI) in Canada in January 2012. The CTC is a Front of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a ruthless terrorist group defeated in Sri Lanka. After supporting LTTE's terrorist agenda for a decade, CTC is today seeking to manipulate the Human Rights agenda.

Fundraising campaign of pro LTTE elements in Canada to raise funds for Amnesty International

Amnesty International Secretary General addressing the pro LTTE lobbies

Participation of Rudrakumaran Faction (TGTE) to raise funds for Amnesty International to promote LTTE interest

Participation of Canadian Tamil Alliance with the Eelam logo promoting LTTE ideology


The President of CTC, Suntharamoorthy Umasuthan, who made the donation to AI is himself a subject of terrorist investigation. Umasuthan's associate Thavarajah Pratheepan, Deputy Chief of LTTE procurement, is in US custody. Umasuthan and a few of his associates in Canada feature in a multinational investigation into arms, ammunition and explosives purchases from North Korea, the key supplier of LTTE weaponry.


As the LTTE is criminalized (designated, proscribed or banned), it is operating on Western soil through innocuous organizations. The LTTE advances its interests through community, charity, non-profit, human rights, media and other fronts. Despite attempts to conceal, the links between CTC and LTTE propaganda, financing, procurement, etc., their activities are extensive and have penetrated deep into the system.

The Director of Communications of CTC in 2005, Sahil Sabaratnam (28), is serving 25 years in a US Prison for procuring weapons for the LTTE. Sahil was arrested in New York in August 2006 buying 20 SA - 18 heat seeking missiles, 10 missile launchers, 500 AK 47 weapons and other military equipment. Sahil operated together with his brother in law Thani Thanigasalam (38), who headed the cell and Satha Sarachandran (27), President of the Tamil Youth Organization (TYO) Canada of the LTTE (2003 - 2005). The statement issued by Satha Sarachandran through his lawyer whilst serving his prison sentence in US clearly indicates the TYO - LTTE links and its extensions to the CTC.

Please see the link:

Immediately after the arrests, the CTC Board met in Toronto decided to disassociate themselves with the LTTE procurement conducted in the US, in order to continue its uninterrupted activities. CTC's Director of Public Relations David Poopalapillai said that he did not know Sahil Sabaratnam, the CTC Director of Communications.


 Before David Poopalapillai travelled to Canada, he was one of the suspects who reported to have close links with LTTE hierarchy in Wanni. As the current National spokesperson of the CTC, Poopalapillai ensures that LTTE's interests are met. It is reported that Poopalapillai has visited Malyasia in August 2009 to meet Selvarasa Pathmanathan (K.P.), the successor to LTTE leader Prabhakaran. Wanted by Interpol for his role in the Rajiv Gandhi Assassination, K.P. was to meet with Poopalapillai to discuss LTTE - CTC strategy. Today, CTC is guided by both Vishvanathan Rudrakumaran, LTTE Central Committee member, and the LTTE ideologist Father S.J. Emmanuel. Rudrakumaran succeeded K.P. and created Trans national Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE).


The ongoing investigations reveal the CTC facilitated the multi-million dollar LTTE run human smuggling operations by MV Ocean Lady (76 crew and passengers) and MV Sun Sea (492 crew and passengers). Spearheaded by two former Sea Tigers, Ravishankar Kanagarajah of Canada and Shanmugasundaram Kanthaskaran of the UK, the LTTE also facilitated the passage of over 200 LTTE leaders, members and their families to Canada. The LTTE renamed its arms ship MV Princess Easwary as MV Ocean Lady and purchased MV Harin Panich 19 and renamed it MV Sun Sea. Captained by Kamalraj Kandasamy, who transported tens of thousands of tons of arms, ammunition and explosives on board MV Princess Easwary from North Korea to Sri Lanka from 1997 - 2009, today lives in Canada. With Vinod, the Deputy of Kamal claiming asylum in Norway, MV Sun Sea was captained by Sivagnanam Sivaharan alias Kausi and others who had served on the North Korean voyages smuggling lethal cargo. Further, it is revealed that, not only did CTC provide legal and financial aid to the LTTE crew and passengers but also projected that they were bona fide refugees and not terrorists. As the key LTTE cadres and their families arrived in Vancouver, the very next day Poopalapillai with his team flew to Vancouver to defend the LTTE infiltrators and counter Canadian efforts to develop tough legislation. Gary Anandasangaree of CTC provided legal counsel.


Since its formation, CTC advanced LTTE interests and targeted the Sri Lankan government. Masquerading as a champion of Human Rights, Anandasangaree travels to Geneva annually to target Sri Lanka. Although Anandasangaree portrays himself as a Human Rights champion, it was he who masterminded the CTC campaign to vilify Jo Becker, the Children's Rights Advocacy Director for the Human Rights Watch (HRW), who exposed LTTE extortion of the Diaspora. To counter the damning report, the CTC organized two university students, a family doctor, a settlement worker, a teacher and a lawyer. At the press conference on March 15, 2006, Shanthela Easwarakumar said "it has deep implications for us. It has exposed us to ridicule and hatred". Since then the Sri Lankan authorities recovered the LTTE application form of Shanthela Easwarakumar filled with her own handwriting and also admitting to her family financially supporting the LTTE (please see the LTTE Recruitment Form filled by Shanthela).

English Translation

Original LTTE Recruitment Form filled by Shanthela

When questioned that CTC denigrating the HRW report "is a front for LTTE," Neethan Shan, who had formed the vanguard at LTTE activities in North America, acknowledged "the Congress is supportive of LTTE."


It is poor judgment on the part of AI to get involved with a terrorist front, let alone accept money from it.

Writing from a US prison to the Tamil community in August 2011, Sahil Sabaratnam, the former CTC Communication Director said "the mandates and events were well planned by the so-called well-wishers, and persons like me, served as a Communication Director, would be implementing the actions as a result of the campaign being carried out by members other than the registered members of the organization. I am fully aware that the same situation exists in such organizations today". Confirming LTTE control of CTC, Sahil added "question such indirect or hidden agendas being carried out by LTTE related organizations such as WTM and CTC". Referring to CTC agenda of supporting LTTE's terrorist agenda, Sahil said "I solely believe and know for a fact that the so called well-wishers who had always stood behind the CTC are believers of a violent solution".

 Please see the link:

CTC has spread its tentacles deep into the Canadian and Western corridors of power, Human Rights organizations, and NGOs. The success of the Tamil Tiger terrorist movement was to adapt and evolve keeping its sights firmly set on its terrorist agenda. CTCs links to LTTE are well established. AI would now have a duty of care to further CTCs agenda. For CTC to function it has to keep the LTTE cause alive and AI has become a life line. Analysts believe that AI has been around long enough to know the activities of the Tamil Tiger terrorists and its Canadian arm, the CTC. The financial monitors of Human Rights organizations no doubt will investigate into the ethics of accepting funds from terrorist movements, as it throws AI's interests in Sri Lanka into serious doubt. LTTE fronts such as the CTC carry on the Tamil Tiger agenda. Few are spared that do not fall into line with their demands. As the saying goes "lipstick won't change the pig".

President of CTC, Umasuthan and Mr. Poopalapillai at the Toronto office presenting some of the funds collected to Amnesty International

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