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President performs religious rites at Sri Maha Bodhiya
25th January 2015

President welcomes Pope Francis
13th January 2015

President assumes duties at the Presidential Secretariat
12th January 2015

New President sworn-in as the 6th Executive President
09th January 2015


Palestine Ambassador meets State Minister of Defence
26th January 2015

US Embassy delegate meets State Minister of Defence
26th January 2015

CSD Director General meets State Minister of Defence
23rd January 2015

State Minister Wijewardene visits 'Mihindu Seth Medura'
21st January 2015


CSD Director General meets Secretary of Defence
23rd January 2015

Defence Advisers meet Secretary of Defence
22nd January 2015

Australian High Commissioner meets new Defence Secretary
19th January 2015

Mr. BMUD Basnayaka Assumed Duties as the Secretary Defence
11th January 2015


All guns silenced: Sri Lanka Army disproves worldwide concept on terrorism
20th May 2009

Army elites spearhead the final assault; Sri Lanka awaits total liberation from terror
17th May 2009

The final rescue mission on the way; LTTE continue to fire at escaping civilians
14th May 2009

LTTE's Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher found - Karyalaimullivaikkal
13th May 2009


Sri Lanka Navy salvage wreckage of Lion Air
05th May 2013

Portrait of a psycho as a con man
06th May 2009

LTTE suicide bomber attacks Milad Festival - Akurassa
10th March 2009

suicide bomb attack at IDP rescue centre - Kilinochchi
09th February 2009


In the Line of Duty
10 April 2009

In the Line of Duty
01 April 2009

In the Line of Duty
21th March 2009

In the Line of Duty
19th March 2009


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