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Situation Report on 15 May  2009

Sea Tiger chief's family found among fleeing IDPs - 15th May 2009

Sri Lanka navy sea units have identified the family members of LTTE's Sea Tiger wing leader Soosai this morning (May 15) when they rescued a boat consisting 11 civilians.


The rescue mission speeds up; Kariyalamullaivaikkal Tsunami village liberated - 15th May 2009

Sri Lankan soldiers now engaged in the final phase of their humanitarian operation in the Island's northeast, have liberated the inhabitants of the Kariyalamullai Tsunami relief village.


Suicide double-cab explodes, at least 4 terrorists killed - Vellamullivaikkal - 15th May 2009

LTTE terrorists on the brink of total defeat have resorted crude terror tactics targeting the 58 Division infantrymen advancing along the coast, South of Vellamullivaikal today (May 15).


Three LTTE child recruits surrender with security forces - Vellamullivaikkal - 15th May 2009

Three LTTE child recruits have escaped from LTTE tyranny and sought protection with troops of the 58 Division at Vellamullivaikkal, today (May 15) at around 2p.m.

According to ground troops, the surrendees were of 15, 16 and 18 years of age, abducted from their families and forced to undergo LTTE arms training. The recruits have managed to mingle among the hostages and escape, security sources said citing a surrendered LTTE child recruit.

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