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Situation Report on 18 May  2009

Armed Force Commanders promoted to next higher ranks - 18th May 2009

His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa, President of Sri Lanka and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces has granted promotions for the commanders of Army, Navy and Air Force who have been instrumental in winning the historic battle against LTTE terrorism in Sri Lanka.


53 and 58 Divs uncover over 350 LTTE bodies - 18th May 2009

Troops of 53 and 58 Divisions have uncovered over 350 bodies of LTTE terrorists killed while conducting the search and clearing operations in general area Vellamullaiwaikkal this evening, 18 May.

Infantrymen of 53 Division have found uncovered 181 bodies of LTTE terrorists along with a large quantity of weapons and ammunition, latest military sources said. Over 10 Million rupees were also found in possession of killed top LTTE leaders, military sources added.


Bodies of 18 senior LTTE leaders positively identified; clearing operations continue - 18th May 2009

Armed forces officials have positively identified 18 bodies of senior LTTE cadres including that of Pottu Amman. The following is list of identified LTTE leaders found among the dead today (May 18).


Army foils LTTE's last attempt to evacuate its leaders; bodies being identified - 18th May 2009

Sri Lankan army elites and infantrymen of 53, 58 and 59 Divisions have foiled the LTTE's last attempt to evacuate its top leaders this morning (May 18). According to the latest battlefield reports, soldiers have located over 150 bodies of LTTE cadres so far. The process of identifying the terrorist bodies is in progress.


Mop-up operations continue: Kapil Amman, Ilango also among dead - 18th May 2009

Sri Lankan security forces continuing mop-up operations at the 100m x 100m remaining land patch, North of Vellamullivaikkal have uncovered three more bodies of key LTTE leaders, this morning (May 18).

According to latest battlefield reports received, the 53 and 58 Division troops including Special Forces and Commandos have uncovered the bodies, suspected to be of Ilango (LTTE 'Police' wing chief), Sudarman (Charles Anthony's close aid) and Kapil Amman( LTTE intelligence wing). The bodies were found abandoned in the area, the sources further said.


Three top LTTE leaders killed: Bodies found abandoned - 18th May 2009

Sri Lankan Special Forces soldiers have found bodies of three key LTTE leaders identified as Nadeshan, Pulidevan and Ramesh during the mop-up operations in the last LTTE foothold this morning( May 18). According to the latest information, the remaining LTTE cadres are now boxed into a 100m x 100m area, North of Vellamullivaikkal.


LTTE terrorists abandon their chief's son; body found - 18th May 2009

Sri Lanka Army special forces soldiers have found a body suspected to be of Charles Anthony, the elder son of LTTE chief V. Prabhakaran in the Karayamullavaikkal area this morning (May 18).


Army elites spearhead the final assault; Sri Lanka awaits total liberation from terror - 18th May 2009

Sri Lanka Army elites have entered into the final foothold of the LTTE terrorists that has been shrunk to a 350m x 250m area on the northeastern coast, reveal latest battlefield reports. Troops are now engaged in mop-up operations in a heavily mined and trapped stretch of a land where the remaining terrorists are hiding in, the reports add.

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