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 We should take a firm determination to make achieved victoriesby workers a reality - President on May Day    |  President hands over Navy produced Thalassemia Infusion Systems  
War crimes
Humanitarian Operation Response to Channel 4 Allegations Related Videos Other Publications
Humanitarian Operation
Factual Analysis
A detailed report published on the campaign that finally liberated the nation from the clutches of terror.
Sri lanka’s
Humanitarian Effort
This report records the humanitarian efforts of the GoSL in partnership with United Nations (UN), International and Local NGOs..
LLRC Report
Presents a holistic narrative of the conflict as it unfolded between 2002 and 2009.
Enumeration of
Vital Events 2011
Official report on the deaths occurred in the five districts of Northern Province in the conflict that ended in May 2009.
Appalling Journalism -
Jon Snow and Channel 4
News on Sri Lanka
Discusses on the lapse in journalistic standards apparent in Channel 4's "Killing Fields" video.
An Unreliable Witness -
(Sri Lankan Media
watch Report)
All of Weiss’s claims are by default based on hearsay, secondary sources trying to market and sell his book.
Sri Lanka Media Watch evaluates news coverage against universally accepted journalistic
standards of accuracy and impartiality.

LTTE's Secret Prison
& Torture Chamber
for POWs & Tamils
How much of LTTE's inhuman atrocities is the world aware of or even ready to finally acknowledge?
Shadows of Terror New  Response to Channel 4.
Lies Agreed Upon
A documentary as a response to the series of videos released by the U.K. based TV station, Channel 4.
"Ruthless" recounts true accounts of survivors who once, had lived under brutal and repressive regime of Tamil Tigers.
Freedom Speaks
'Freedom Speaks' is an investigative documentary movie based on true ground witnesses of war.
Australian Based LTTE
Network Exposed
A major breakthrough giving impetus into tracing and neutralizing of the LTTE's international network.
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Miliband: Openly with Impunity
Channel 4 playing professional fouls
Does the US value Human Rights?
Let's take-accountability

Terrorist Traps Amnesty International
Terrorism is a Global Threat
Sri Lanka is still under
LTTE International Network
 Facts about the LTTE
 Radicalization Of Children in Europe
Terrorist Cry Human Rights: Evidence!

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