National Defence Fund - Projects

“Viru Sisu Pradeepa” Scholarships Project:

Donation of scholarships is an amount of Rs. 25,000.00 per for children who passed the year 5 scholarships examination of the tri-forces and the police who devoted his life and sustained injuries due to the service. Following application form should be completed and submitted to the Ministry of Defence accompanying recommendations of the Director / Welfare Director of the Ranaviru Seva Authority.

“Meth Sevana” halfly-built housing project:

Providing a non-recoverable financial donation subject to the maximum amount of Rs. 750,000.00 to complete halfly-built houses of war heroes who devoted their lives and sustained injuries due to the service. (Working teams are provided for beneficiaries who are in difficulty in carrying out their construction work) A file should be completed as per the following guidelines submitted to the Ministry of Defence on approval of the Director / Welfare Director of the Ranaviru Seva Authority.

National Defence Fund incorporated by the National Defence Fund Act No.09 of 1985 is governed by a board of Governors nominated as per amended Act No. 16 of 2018. This fund is utilized the amount owned to the fund subject to the provisions of the president in the manner and functions the Board of Governor intends that it is caused mostly to the advancement and ensurence of the national security. Further, welfare benefits to a member of the tri-forces or the police who sustained injures or devoted his life in the course of performing his duties or member of his family are also provided

Board of Governers

• Chairman -

Dr. P. B. Jayasundera (Secretary to the President)

• Member -

Major General (Rtd) GDHK Gunaratne WWV RWP RSP USP ndc psc MPhill (Secretary, Defence Ministry)

• Member -

Prof. Medagoda Abhayathissa Thero (Representative appointed by His Excellency the President)

National Security Fund Staff


Mr. W.A. Kulasooriya
(Additional Secretary - Administration)

Assistant Secretary
Mr. H.P.D. Hewage
(Assistant Director)

Mrs. T.C.P. Frenando

Subject Clerk I
Mrs. Y. Liyanagunawardhana

Subject Clerk II
Mr. N.K.A. Sampath

Accounting Clerk
Ms. Ishara Harshani Kumarasinghe

National Defence Fund,
Ministry of Defence,
No 15/5,
Baladaksha Mawatha,
Colombo 03.

(Ext. - 334/335)