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No truth in extremist threats to Sri Lanka – Defence Secretary

May 19, 2020

The Defence Ministry urged the public not to be misled by certain posts circulating on social media platforms regarding threats posed in Sri Lanka by extremist elements

“There is no truth in news being circulated in social media networks. The intelligence agencies have not received such information related to extremist threats in Sri Lanka,” he said.

Defence Secretary Maj.Gen. (Retd) Kamal Gunaratne reiterated that the national security of the country had not been overlooked while deploying Security Forces and Police personnel to contain the spread of Coronavirus pandemic.

Defence Secretary said all intelligence agencies, which were brought under one network under President Rajapaksa’s Government, had been fully strengthened to be alerted on internal and external security threats.

He said there was required number of military and Police personnel to be deployed to support the Government’s efforts in controlling the spread of the virus while maintaining the national security.

“The Sri Lanka Navy, which has been affected with its sailors getting infected with the Coronavirus while fighting to control its spread, is fully engaged in nabbing drug traffickers operating locally and internationally. The military and Police is also engaged in controlling organised crimes and dealing with any other forms of terrorism,” he said.