r Ministry of Defence - Sri Lanka

Dangerous Cargo Clearance

Issue of permits for shipments carrying dangerous cargo to enter the ports of Sri Lanka for
discharge/ transshipments or in-transit cargo.

1.       Following information should be furnished by the Shipping Lines and Clearing Agents.

2.        Applicants should submit the following :

a.Name and the voyage number of the vessel.

b.Expected date of arrival.

c.Port of loading and port of destination.

d.Name of commodity. SLPA-Page Group and IMO-Page Group.

e.Quantity of commodity in weight.

f.Container number/s.

g.Copy of the Bill of Lading.

h.Whether the cargo is for in-transit/ transshipment/ discharge or clearance.

For further information, please contact 011-2430860 up to 69.

Ext:10262/ 10263.