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Explosive Act

The Explosive Act- NO 1133/13 Wednesday, May 2000 (The Gazette of Sri Lanka).

1.   Implementation of the Provisions of the Firearms Ordinance - Issue of gun licenses. Secretary to the Ministry of Public Security, Law and Order has become the licensing Authority in issuing gun licences.

2.     Issuing of firearms within the island is being made mainly under five categories which are mentioned below.

3.    However the Ministry is adopting a serious screening process and very strict procedure in granting licenses to use firearms in the best interests of the Civil Security.

a.   Issue of license for firearms for the purpose of crop protection.

b.   Issue of licenses for firearms for the purpose of self - defence and protection of property.

c.   Issue of licenses for firearms for the purpose of Sports.

d.   Issue of licenses for firearms for Private Security Agencies & Public Institutions.

e.   Issues of licenses for state-owned firearms to Parliamentarians.

4.     A scheme for provision of shotguns for the purpose of crop protection is presently in progress.

5.    This scheme operated in liaison with the District Secretaries/ Government Agencies and firearms for crop protection are issued up on their recommendation.

6.   The Ministry of Public Security, Law and Order adopts a very strict policy regarding the issue of firearms for the purpose of self-defence. Accordingly a minimum number of licenses was issued to persons who needed self-defence genuinely.

7.   Firearms are also authorized for the purpose of sports on recommendation by the National Rifle Association. Accordingly limited number of new licenses was issued to the members of this Association for sport activities.

8.    Firearms are authorized for Private Security Agencies too under very strict conditions. The criteria, in this aspect is the transportation of cash of institutions that the services are provided by the relevant Security Agencies.

9.    Accordingly, a very limited number of new firearms was authorized to Security Agencies engaged in transport of cash.

10. Authorization of official firearms to Peoples' Representatives for the purpose of self-defence is a procedure practiced for a long time.

11.   Accordingly, issue of official firearms and licenses to Peoples' Representatives who required those for the first time was carried out by this Division.

Control of Explosives.

1.     Activities relating to control of explosives.

     In terms of the provisions of the Explosives Ordinance No. 21 of 1956, Secretary to the Ministry of Public Security, Law and Order functions as the Controller of Explosives while one Deputy Controller of Explosives attached to the Ministry of Public Security, Law and Order.

2.     Performs duties under him.

3.    Ten Assistant Controllers of Explosives attached to District Secretariats throughout the country to assist the Deputy Controller of Explosives.

4.    Under this project all the permits and licences issued for the use of commercial explosives in the Quarry Industry, Firework Industry and Match Industry are controlled and monitored in liaison with the District Secretaries/ Government Agents.

5.    Commercial Explosives required for the above industries were issued during the year 2002 without any shortages and to was monitored. The requirements for new development projects were also fulfilled.

6.    A seminar to create an awareness among all the firework Industrialists of the country and to provide of guidance was held at Katana Divisional Secretariat in Gampaha.

7.    By virtue of the powers vested in the Controller of Explosives under the Ports Authority Act permits for shipments which entered into the harbour and returned, reshipments and unloading of dangerous cargo in the harbour were issued.

8.    Initial steps were taken to present a draft amending the ordinance in order on to enhance the punishments imposed on the use of unauthorized explosives with the intention of preventing such acts and also to meet some administrative requirements.

9.    Assessed the requirements of commercial explosives in the year 2002 and arranged to procure such Commercial Explosives, Firearms and ammunitions through the Sri Lanka Navy for the year 2003.

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