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The President goes to Parliament

April 05, 2019

The expenditures of Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Environment was taken in to debate at the parliament today (4) and the President who went to the parliament made certain special remarks on those two subjects.

The President emphasized the importance of a proper policy program for disposal of garbage and said that it should be state policy based despite of political party differences.

President further made remarks that there is a delay in properly disposing garbage due to the public interference for the recycling plans monitored according to scientific methods. The provincial councils holds the legal responsibility of disposing garbage and the issue is that they also lack resources and stressed more on the need for solving these two issues within a national policy.

President Sirisena speaking about the Uma Oya project mentioned that 95% of it is already over and at the end of this year the project can be completely finished.

When distributing the lands belonging to Mahaweli project there were no party concerns and making remarks on the criticisms, he said that there were no favoritisms, corruption, and or else any mechanism safeguarding political parties when disputes taken place.

Due to the Morgahakanda project the people lost lands and steps were taken to provide the highest compensation for them and there are villages created for them to resettle them spending a huge amount of money, said the President.

President Sirisena speaking about matters of Ministry of Defense said that the policy for strengthening the Tri forces has no way ignored. The tri forces are making a huge contribution towards the development of the country and despite the analysis provided by the politicians the public of the North eastern provinces are closely working together with the forces, said the President.

Establishing a more people friendly police service, creating a background for the police officers to work with a more mental stability and satisfaction to accomplish their duties, several programs have been conducted, he mentioned and added that he highly appreciates the contribution made by Police department and all the other officers in illegal drug eradication and prevention of crimes.