‘Rata Wenuwen Ekata Sitimu’ special programme conducted in Delft Island

August 29, 2019

A special programme organized in parallel to the ‘Rata Wenuwen Ekata Sitimu’ (Let’s Stand Together for the Country) which is currently underway in Jaffna district was conducted in Delft Island yesterday (27).

Various social welfare programmes were carried out during the day for 4200 persons of 1224 families living in the island.

Several awareness programmes including Gramashakthi National Movement and drugs prevention were conducted at different locations.

The 7th phase of ‘Rata Wenuwen Ekata Sitimu’ commenced in Jaffna on August 23rd and will continue till 30th.

Coordinated by the Presidential Secretariat under the directives of President Maithripala Sirisena the objective of this island-wide programme is to provide efficient and satisfactory service to people living in rural areas who normally lack the convenient access to these facilities.

Several national programs including National Drug Prevention Program, Protect Children, Smart Sri Lanka, National Food Production Program, Dengue Prevention, Prevention of Kidney and Non-Communicable Disease, Environmental Protection, Empowerment of Elderly People and Special Needs and Tell the President will be held during the week.