‘Cormorant Strike - 2019’ mock operations result in the capture of terrorist gang

September 09, 2019

Another mock operation was conducted at Getambe in Kandy as part of the ongoing ‘Cormorant Strike - 2019’, Field Training Exercise (FTX), during the weekend (07). The exercise saw combined groups of Army and Air Force trainees, Nepal and Bangladesh soldiers rehearsing a raid on a terrorist hide-out and capturing the terrorist leader and his aides unharmed. According to Army media, Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva has also made a surprise visit to witness the mock operation on Saturday.

The exercise maneuvers saw, 4 Special Forces (SF), backed by Air Force troops had commenced the mock operation with 2 eight-man teams, two rider teams and urban fighting teams. Meanwhile, two 4 SF eight- man teams descended from two Bell 212 helicopters and rushed to the location. Riders provided support by giving backup with vehicles, particularly designed for urban fighting and swiftly jumped into action and capture the terrorist leader and his accomplices. They were later air lifted to the Operations Headquarters at Minneriya for interrogation.

Exercise Director, Major General Laksiri Waduge and Senior Tri Forces Officers were also present to witness the proceedings.