Drug addict causes public commotion

November 01, 2019

Two persons were admitted to hospital after an incident in Mawathagama, today (01 November 2019).

The suspect, Mihindukulasooriyage Priyantha Kumara, a 29-year-old male has gone on rampage causing damage to several vehicles and injuring a person at the Karagahadeniya junction in Mawathagama, this morning.

The suspect, a resident of Sinhapura in Weuda is believed to be a drug addict. He has caused damages to two (02) lorries, one (01) van and one (01) car. He has also injured an innocent person, a muslim resident of the area.

The suspect has damaged the vehicles and assaulted the civilian with a club.

According to the suspect’s mother, the drug addict has failed to take his morning medication today.

The injured civilian has been admitted to the Mawathagama hospital while the suspect has been taken to the Kurunegala Hospital by the people in the neighbourhood.

At present both the suspect and the victim are receiving treatment at the two hospitals.

The police are investigating the incident.

The general public is requested not to be misled by rumours.