A day in ‘lockdown’ streets of Colombo

April 16, 2020



Gunasinghapura Area


The busy and congested streets - Gunasinghapura, Grandpass, Wellaveediya and Nagalam street – of multi-ethnic pettah, a sleepless town in Colombo, are empty since this morning.

Having close links with coronavirus infected patients from Suduwella, Ja-Ela, over 100 people, living in these areas, had taken to Sri Lankan Navy run Quarantine Center at  Sampoor, Trincomalee, yesterday.

All the streets including Gunasinghapura streets are heavily guarded by Police while Sri Lanka Army’s rider squad is doing patrolling in all inner-roads  in the area.




Grandpass Area


In Grandpass, the PHI’s with the Police are having a door-to-door search operation to find another person who had close association with a coronavirus infected person from Sudewella-Ja-Ela.


Nagalam street Area


With a woman, a resident from Nagalam street, who had gone to India, found to be a coronavirus positive, the residents in this area have been strictly asked ‘not to move out’.

Police have distributed cooked lunch parcels among the residents living in these areas, where a ‘lcokdown’ kind of a situation is prevailing with no entry or moving out, is allowed.

 In these areas, movements are fully restricted until the health authorities decide whether they will be open for public movement or to have a complete lockdown to contain spreading the coronavirus further.

Pix by : Sergeant Tharindu Kumara





Dam Street Area