Notification of issuing methodology for explosive materials

May 29, 2019

The issuance of explosive materials which was temporarily suspended by the Security Council due to the situation prevailed in the country has been resumed under the direction of the President.

Public and private institutions carrying out projects have been instructed to obtain their requirements of explosives using the permit issued by the respective District Secretary from the CEFAP (Commercial Explosives and Firearms Procurement Unit).

Explosives required for rock quarries and mining industries, could be obtained by the licensee/permit holder upon producing the license/permit at the District Secretariats from here onwards.

Further details can be obtained from the following places.

     1. Respective District Secretariats

     2. Commercial Explosives and Firearms Procurement Unit (CEFAP)- 011 2958 227

     3. Civil Defence and Development Unit of the Ministry of Defence- 011 2335 798