UK Court finds British Tamil Forum guilty of sexual abuse, discrimination and victimization

August 12, 2020


By Sarah Selvarajah

On 22 February 2019, the British Tamil Forum (BTF) issued a statement regarding the court ruling that found BTF guilty of sexual harassment & demanding the LTTE front pay compensation to the victim. The amount sterling pounds 70,000 was tuppence considering the Janes Intelligence Military magazine claiming LTTE annual profits to be $300million.

All money generated overseas and in foreign accounts. The judgment was not only due to sexual harassment. The judge declared BTF had been found guilty of ‘direct discrimination’ ‘victimization’ and ‘denial of natural justice against the claimant’.

Making matters worse was that the victim was a Tamil woman. Here was LTTE & its fronts bellowing about discrimination, victimization and what not & then they are sexually harassing their own women. All that the LTTE lobbyists overseas had been happily accusing Sri Lanka of as fake news has come home to roost and roasted the image of BTF!

The hilarious part of the BTF statement is its reference to claiming the case was to ‘tarnish’ BTF’s ‘image’ and we know the stripes of that image! What about the woman who was sexually harassed?

Does her image not count! Sexual harassment by BTF as per their statement is ‘much ado about nothing’ what a cocky reaction by tiger agents. This calls to mind that other Australian white man, one McDermott also chirping praises for LTTE but himself guilty of excessively fondling women on duty! What a come down for high and mighty BTF boasting of human rights where it has violated the basic human rights of a woman and not one word of remorse or apology in their statement.

This shows the pig-headed thinking of an entity that projects itself as the savior of Tamil people but goes and sexually abuses Tamil women.  

The BTF statement further shows its arrogance in blaming the UK High Court. The world is not naïve to think BTF is in any way in financial ruin as it presents itself and we can only laugh at the manner in which it has filed for bankruptcy just to prevent paying sterling pounds 70,000.

If UK government has been following the case, they should be able to see the manner in which BTF and its co-agents function even in the UK – generating public sentiment against the court case, pushing propaganda to assume BTF is the innocent lamb and the surprising aspect is that there are white women MPs holding plum portfolios in BTF who are keeping mum about a Tamil woman who was sexually abused.

Come on Shiobain McDonaugh & Joan Ryan does your job matter more than rights of a fellow female - and by the way how will BTF pay you people if they are bankrupt? Shame on you two women! Then again, we are not surprised given the shady UK MPs linked to BTF - Keith V, Virendra S.

Is the UK Government & Courts sitting silent as Tiger based lobbies in the UK make a mockery of UK laws? UK would remember that when UK was about to ban Tamil Rehabilitation Organization, the Tigers quickly transferred that money and created White Pigeon.

The same is happening now - BTF declares itself bankrupt and promptly BTF Tamil Forum UK Limited is created. Who are we really fooling? Let’s watch and see BTF TFUK Limited becoming the providers of secretarial services for All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils again. Now that would be really rubbing it into the haughty British.

We can’t wait for next Geneva sessions to hold up a new set of placards at the UNHRC -

“BTF-Stop sexually abusing Tamil Women”
“BTF- what about the Rights of Tamil Women”
“BTF-Keep your hands off Tamil Women”






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