Strong action to maintain law and order

May 16, 2019

The Sri Lanka Navy has deployed about 2000 personnel covering the entire country to support the Police in order to ensure that law and order would be maintained. The Police and Armed Forces will take strong action against anyone who spreads false information, incites violence and takes part in mob behavior harming any community, said so the Commander of the Navy Vice Admiral Piyal De Silva at the media briefing held at the Media Centre in Kollupitiya on Wednesday (15).

Further speaking he said that, disruption of peace and unruly behavior would lead to hinder the existing work carried out by the military and police to counter terrorist activities. The public unrest and violence directed at fellow Sri Lankans will only help the terrorist to strengthen their ideology and help them gather support. The armed forces and police are there to ensure the security of all Sri Lankans. Let them do their duties without any hindrance. Troops on ground have been ordered to use minimum force to neutralize anyone engaged in uncontrollable or unlawful acts. The law will be strongly enforced against any violence. This is the time of unity, not division.

Sri Lanka Navy not only provides security to internal affairs but also strengthen the surveillance and patrols at sea. As a result, 78 kg of Kerala Cannabis have been taken into custody this morning (15 May). In addition, on the 11th of this month another 74 kg of Kerala Cannabis have been taken into custody. Sri Lanka is a country of resilience so we must recover soon from this calamity and progress for the economic development together, he added.