Colombo Conclave 2020: Inaugural National Conference

November 16, 2020

Colombo Conclave 2020 is the Inaugural National Conference, organized by the Institute of National Security Studies Sri Lanka, (INSSSL), the premier think tank on National Security functioning under the aegis of Ministry of Defence. The theme of the conference would be “A Comprehensive Security Paradigm for Sri Lanka” and is scheduled to be held virtually on 24th of November 2020. It brings 12 local scholars together to discuss thematic issues which play a dominant role in maintaining national security.

The webinar will kick off with its first sub theme as ‘Redefining threats to National Security’ by a team of security experts and narcotics soon after the inaugural session which will be followed by a panel of Doctors and an eminent officer from the Ministry of Agriculture who would discuss ‘Recognizing sustainability for healthy medical discourse’. The final sub theme that would be discussed by an expert panel of environmentalist would be  , ‘Eco-Responsibility towards a greener tomorrow’  The topics of discussion are of timely significance; health and medical security gained widespread attention due to the current pandemic crisis which in turn adversely affected world food security. Under Environmental security, which is a relatively new and still somewhat contentious concept, it examines state of human-environment dynamics that could lead to social disorder and conflict. Its relevancy is heightened as environmental insecurity has become a prominent national threat. Maritime security and violent extremism trends are important aspects of national security that needs to be discussed, updated continuously and engage in analysis for future trends in order to take necessary precautions. Thus traditional as well as non-traditional threats on National Security are both covered through this dialogue.

This virtual conference is organized with the expectation of establishing space for researchers, academia, former officials, and senior experts from around the country to engage in policy relevant, problem solving dialogues, carrying significance with respect to aspects of national security. The discussion is expected to follow emerging health security, environmental security and maritime security trends together with Violent Extremism and Proliferation of Narcotic trends that are prevalent in the country. Thus it is expected to help participants to gain keener understanding of each other’s perspectives on common issues. It is expected to provide a progressive platform for formulating options and solving problems. By organizing this inaugural; national conference comprising topics of timely significance to Sri Lanka, it is expected to facilitate knowledge sharing and multi-party discussions. It could also aid in early detection of security issues, prevention of possible conflicts as well as managing and mitigating existing conflicts among different parties.