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More suspects arrested

May 11, 2019

A suspect was arrested in Kattankudy by Police, Thursday night (9). Investigations have revealed that the suspect had maintained close links with the suicide bomber Zahran and had even involved in financial transactions with him. The suspect has also attended some training sessions conducted at a safe house run by the terrorist group in Hambantota. Investigations have also revealed details of several bank accounts maintained by the suspect. Authorities are conducting further investigations, revealed the Police Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekara during the press briefing at the Media Centre in Kollupitiya, on Friday evening (10).

Another individual was also arrested by Slave Island Police upon information received that the suspect had links with the terrorist group. Police were also able to recover over Rs 8.3 million in cash and more than 776 grams of jewelry items during a search conducted at his office in Maradana. Details of a luxury house in Dehiwala and several bank accounts were also revealed during investigations.

A cache of explosives was found hidden in the Kattankudy beach. Police acting on information received had recovered this stock of explosives believed to be hidden by the Sainthamaruthu suicide bombers, the Police Spokesman further said. He also assured that all items hidden by the terrorist group will be discovered and everyone connected with them will be arrested and their assets seized.

The operating of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles within the country was prohibited following the 21st April bombings. However, there have been reports of sightings of suspected drones and unmanned aerial vehicles from a number of areas. This has caused some concerns in the minds of the people about their safety. Most of these have turned out to be small toy drones and even kites which do not pose any danger. Given the fact that such operation of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles violate the law, we have to assume that those who operate such drones and unmanned aerial vehicles do so motivated by interests inimical to the national security. Therefore, the Security Forces and the Police have been advised to take whatever action necessary to bring down those drones and take into custody any individual or group operating such, said so the Air Force Spokesman Group Captain Gihan Seneviratne during the press briefing.

The Security Forces are fully committed to ensuring national security and an expeditious return to normalcy. It is reminded that the public cooperation in this regard is imperative. And also refraining from activities that can cause fear and panic and notifying the authorities of any individuals or groups engaging in such activities is the public?s contribution to restoring confidence in our country and to expedite the return to normal life, he further added.

Acting on information provided by the Akkaraipattu Police, the Navy was able to recover several sharp items, an unidentified grenade, a tablet PC, a personal computer and a binocular from the Morawdi lagoon. During a search operation in Marassana in Thalawathuoya, Navy personnel recovered 365 live ammunition, 72 empty shells along with three magazines. All items have been handed over to the Police for further investigations, said so the Navy Spokesman Lieutenant Commander Isuru Sooriyabandara at the Press briefing.