r Ministry of Defence - Sri Lanka

Extremist training locations raided

May 08, 2019

A 25-acre land in Riditenna in Valaichchenai Police Division was searched by the CID, Police and STF on Monday (06) after it was identified as a site used by the extremist terror group for their activities.

The owner of the said land had been arrested by the Valaichchenai Police after the bombing incident on April 23rd and later handed over to the CID for further investigations. Questioning from the suspect had led to the raid on the land. 231 gelignite sticks, a motorcycle and several other items were also seized from the land, this was revealed by Police Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekara at the press briefing held at the Media Centre in Kollupitiya on Tuesday (07).

A Guest Inn in Blackpool, Nuwara Eliya was raided by the Police together with Army on Monday (06). The Inn was raided after it was found that the extremists have used this place for conducting training sessions. The manager of the Inn was also taken into custody.

An individual was arrested from Lazaras Mawatha in Negombo with 08 communication signal jammers. Police are conducting further investigations, he further revealed.

Police requests from the public to be more aware of their bags, baggage or parcels when leaving them unattended as it may cause unnecessary panic and also mislead the security forces.

On the advice of the Sri Lanka Air Force, the Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority made a proclamation following the April 21 explosion that the operations of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles be prohibited within the air space of Sri Lanka. This prohibition is in effect at the moment and until further notice.

In view of that such operation of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles is considered a threat to national security and the operations conducted towards ensuring national security. The island wide air defence network has been instructed to act with extreme prejudice towards any such craft found operating within the airspace of Sri Lanka. The Air Force will also take action to locate and identify persons operating such craft and will act to ensure that they are dealt with to the maximum extent of the law, said so the Air Force Spokesman Group Captain Gihan Seneviratne speaking at the press briefing held at the Media Centre in Kollupitiya, on Tuesday (07 May).