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Naval operations thwarted numerous illegal acts in 2022

January 16, 2023

During its operations conducted in 2022, the Navy has been able bring a range of illegal acts to justice. Chief among the incidents reported were apprehension of smuggled narcotics and prescription drugs, seizing of contraband, apprehension of human smugglers, detection of Indian poaching vessels and taking a large number of suspects into custody.

Accordingly, the Navy has been able to nab 486 persons during maritime operations and raids conducted in 2022, in connection to the incidents of drug and contraband smuggling.

The Navy has been working in close coordination with the Sri Lanka Police, Police Narcotics Bureau, State Intelligence Service and Police STF and sharing information when conducting anti-drug operations. In similar operations in 2022, 1,363kg and 503g of heroin, 148kg and 147g of crystal methamphetamine (street name ‘ice’), one kilo and 105g of hashish, amounts of kush and opium, 5,731kg and 155g of Kerala cannabis and 25kg and 285g of local cannabis were seized.

In addition 41,685 plants of cannabis were destroyed as well. Moreover, 21 local fishing vessels with 336 suspects and three foreign fishing vessels with 21 foreign suspects were held and produced for onward legal action.

In addition, 373 litres of illicit liquor, 182 bottles of foreign liquor with eight suspects, 54,900 illegal cigarettes, 665,033 prescription drugs and 1,725 ‘madana modaka’ pills with 29 suspects were held in 2022.

Further, 2,087kg and 770g of turmeric, 192kg of cardamom, 6,500kg of tamarind, 250 kg of nutmeg, 17315kg of kendu leaves, 1,395 kg of chemical fertilizers, 15,664 bottles and 20,755 packets of insecticides and herbicides, 9,448 cosmetic products, with seven local fishing boats and 45 suspects, as well as two foreign fishing trawlers and eight foreign suspects were nabbed last year.

In preventing human smuggling and illegal migration efforts, the Navy held 42 vessels and 1,532 suspects during its operations. The suspects and their belongings were produced for onward legal action.

Moreover, 46 elephant pearls, two kilos and 384g of gold made ready to be smuggled as well as two local fishing trawlers and 39 accused were held in the past year by the Navy.

Thirty-six Indian poaching trawlers and 264 Indian nationals involved in illegal fishing activities in Sri Lankan waters were held and handed over to relevant authorities for legal proceedings.

Continuing its operations, the Sri Lanka Navy is determined to conduct its operations across the country to thwart all forms of illegal activities stemming from the ocean and create safe and secure seas, under the able leadership of Navy Commander Vice Admiral Priyantha Perera.

Courtesy - www.dailynews.lk