Renowned novelist Gunarathna Ekanayake met Defence Secretary

December 10, 2020

An Award-winning novelist, writer and a drama producer Gunarathna Ekanayake presented five books authored by him to Defence Secretary Maj. Gen. (Retd) Kamal Gunaratne during a function held at the Defence Ministry premises today (Dec 10).

Ekanayake has published 100 novels so far reaching the pinnacle during his writing career and the meeting with the Defence Secretary was to signify the publication of centuplicate book, Ekanayake said.

Renowned volumes titled ‘Kandavure Sirakaruwo’ (Prisoners of the Camp), ‘Uthuren Dakunata’ (From North to South), ‘Apeema Minissu’ (Our Own People), ‘Yapanaya Thawamath Aathayi’ (Jaffna is still Faraway) and ‘Kandauren Nikmi’ (Leaving the Camp) were the novels presented to the Defence Secretary during the meeting.

He has authored books under various genres such as novel, juvenile literature, short stories and academic works.

The Defence Secretary reciprocating the gesture also presented one of his books titled 'Pathalayo' (Underworld) to Ekanayake.

During the session, Maj. Gen. Gunaratne extended his best wishes to the well-known novelist Ekanayake for his future endeavours.