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Sri Lanka Coast Guard's Phase I oil spill incident management
training program sets new standards

January 22, 2024

Sri Lanka Coast Guard recently concluded Phase I of its Oil Spill Incident Management Training Program, leaving an indelible mark of professionalism and excellence. The culmination of this training, held on 18th January 2024, at the Hambantota International Port, showcased the dedication and high standards achieved by the personnel.

The training program, aims to enhance the capabilities of Coast Guard personnel and engage stakeholders in the maritime industry. The Phase I training, so far conducted at strategic ports across the country, demonstrates the commitment to elevating knowledge and professionalism in handling oil spill incidents.

The personnel involved in the program exhibited exemplary standards throughout the training, showcasing their expertise and dedication to mastering the of oil spill incident management. The training reflect Sri Lanka Coast Guard's unwavering commitment to safeguarding the coastal environment.

Hambantota International Port served as a fitting backdrop for the program, providing a realistic environment for hands-on training scenarios.

The Director General of Sri Lanka Coast Guard RAdm Pujitha Vithana, Chief Executive Officer – HIPS and Chief Officer Marine Services and Security Mr. Ravindra Jayawickrama, the Director Training of Sri Lanka Coast Guard Captain (ND) Charitha Gunawantha Officers and Sailors of Sri Lanka Navy also attended to the final demonstration of the exercise.

The Sri Lanka Coast Guard, with its proactive approach, is playing a crucial role in fostering collaboration among stakeholders. By extending this training to various ports, the Coast Guard is empowering individuals and organizations involved in maritime activities, ensuring a collective effort to mitigate the impact of potential oil spills.

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