Sandahiru Stupa revered articles to reach Na Uyana Aranya today

August 15, 2021

The revered articles of Sandahiru Stupa on a religious procession are scheduled to arrive at Na Uyana Aranya today evening (Aug 15).

The motorcade carrying the ‘Crest-Gem’ and the ‘Sacred Pinnacle’ commenced its passage from Gattuwana Sri Mahinda Piriwena in Kurunegala amidst religious blessings, a short while ago.

They will arrive at the Na Uyana Aranya while passing Ibbagamuwa, Ipalawa, Gokarella, Ambanpola and Melsiripura areas.

Accordingly, the ‘Crest-Gem’ and the ‘Sacred Pinnacle’ will be placed at the venue for public veneration in the evening today.
Police Divisions of the respective areas will control the road traffic during the passage and strict healthcare measures will be in place.