Ranaviru Seva Authority scholarships benefit 17000 children

October 01, 2021

The Ranaviru Seva Authority (RSA) was established with the aim to promote the welfare of disabled members of the armed forces and police, and also the families of fallen war heroes. Among its many welfare programmes the RSA pays special attention to uplift the educational standards of the children of war hero families.

The scholarship programme is presented to these children as a show of gratitude to the selfless sacrifices their parents have made in the fight against terrorism. So far the RSA scholarship progarmme has benefited 17000 children.

Under the scholarship programme 1526 children studying in Grade 6 – 11 have been presented with a monthly financial incentive to the value of Rs. 500.00 this year (2021).

Children following the GCE A/L are provided Rs. 1500.00 as a monthly incentive for a maximum of two years and thus 410 children are being provided with such scholarships in this year.

In addition, 262 children doing higher studies in universities, colleges of education and other state higher education institutes have been provided with an incentive of Rs. 3000.00 in this year. They will continue to receive this scholarship for four years.

Apart from this, the RSA also provides a onetime payment to the maximum of Rs. 50000.00 to children who follow professional courses and this year 10 children have benefitted from this category.

Educational loans up to a maximum of Rs.500,000.00 is provided for children pursuing higher education courses locally or abroad. So far 5 children have been provided with such facility in the current year.

In keeping with the President's Vision of Prosperity policy statement the Treasury has allocated Rs. 750 million for the Ranaviru Seva Authority with the mediation of the Defence Secretary. This will greatly assist to enhance the welfare programmes of the RSA and more children will be benefitted.