SLN removes debris clogged in Gin Ganga

August 05, 2022

Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) cleared debris clogged under the Agaliya and Dodangoda bridges of Gin Ganga in a bid to ensure the free water flow, recently (Aug 03).

The l water flow following torrential rains has carried debris which has got stuck under the bridges preventing gravity flow and posing a flood threat to the surrounding low lying areas.

The SLN said that the increasing water level of Gin Ganga has swept away wooden trunks and other debris on the river banks and has clogging them under narrow bridges downstream.

Initiating prompt measures, the SLN cleared two blockades by deploying their diver teams serving under the Southern Naval Command.

The SLN constantly clears blocks under the Wakwella, Agaliya and Dodangoda narrow Bridges over Gin Ganga, which flows into the ocean from Gintota.