Defence Secretary reviews Mihindu Maha Stupa restoration
conducted by SLN

October 23, 2022

Defence Secretary General Kamal Gunaratne reviewed work of the ‘Mihindu Maha Stupa’ restoration project during a visit to the Mihintale Temple in Anuradhapura today (Oct 23).

The manufacture and transportation of standard bricks required for the process, preparation of stone casket for the deposition of relics and the designing of dome of the Stupa for sacred relic deposition were among the main aspects of the project that came under review during his visit.

Providing necessary directives to the workforce to complete the Stupa work primarily, he also inquired into the progress of the ‘Alms Hall’ structure during the visit.

Mihindu Maha Seya is considered to be one of the oldest stupas in the country. The restoration of the long dilapidated monument commenced on Oct 24, 2020 with the view to preserve its antiquity and religious importance.

The Mahavamsa states that King Uttiya, the younger brother of King Devanapathissa who ruled in between 200 to 210 BC, built this by treasuring a part of the ashes of Arahant Mahinda.

The restoration process is underway with the assistance of Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) under the supervision of the Mihintale Raja Maha Vihara Chief Prelate Ven. Dr. Walawahengunawewe Dharmaratna thero and the directives of the Defence Secretary.

Ven. Surukkulama Indrarathana thero, senior technical officers of the SLN those involved in the project were also present during the inspection visit.