September 09, 2019

Salaries and allowances paid to members of the Tri Forces and Police who were disabled or died as a result of acts of direct terrorist acts or combating terrorism while on duty at operational and non-operational areas during the war till the age of 55, to be paid to the dependents of the deceased personnel for life time and continued to be paid to the disable personnel for life.

1.    In this regard, a sub-committee representing the following Ministries was appointed to study the observations made by other government agencies on the Cabinet Memoranda submitted by the Ministry of Defence.

a.    Representative nominated by the Secretary to the Ministry of Public Administration, Disaster Management and Livestock Management (Chairman)
b.    Representative nominated by the Secretary to the Ministry of Finance (Member)
c.    Director General of the Pensions Department (Member)
d.    Representative appointed by the Secretary of Defence (Convener)

2.     Accordingly, the recommendations of the subcommittee will be submitted to the Cabinet Office enabling it to be presented at the Cabinet Meeting during this week.