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Switzerland says no intention to tarnish Sri Lanka’s image

January 01, 2020

Switzerland said yesterday that it had no intention of tarnishing the image of the Sri Lankan Government and regretted about recent developments had led question the Sri Lanka’s commitment to due process.

The Diplomatic Note communicated on December 30 was simultaneously released by the Embassy of Switzerland in Sri Lanka and the Ministry of Foreign Relations, yesterday, read : “ In the last few weeks, this relationship was marred by misunderstandings surrounding an incident involving a local staff member of the Embassy, who was subsequently taken into custody by the Sri Lankan authorities. In this context, uncorroborated facts made it into the public domain, putting an unnecessary strain on the otherwise cordial relationship between the two countries. At no point during this time did Switzerland have the intention of tarnishing the image of the government of Sri Lanka,”

Courtesy: www.mfa.gov.lk