China donates medical aid to Defence Ministry to fight against coronavirus

May 12, 2020
  • Medical aid weight five tons donated to military

China has donated a large stock of medical aid to the Defence Ministry to strengthen the military’s contribution to control spread of the coronavirus in the country, today.

People’s Liberation Army-Air Force Y-20 flight arrived with a consignment of medical aid weighing over 5 tons was received at the Bandaranaike International Airport, this morning.

The medical supplies included 70,000 disposable medical masks, 9,000 surgical masks, 9,000 medical surgical masks (KN95), 6,300 medical protective goggles, 4,500 disposable medical protective screens, 4,500 disposable medical protective suits, 4,500 disposable medical isolation gowns, 9,000 disposable medical boot covers, 80 disposable medical gloves, 30 infusion pumps, 02 disinfectant sprayers (16L), 70 IR thermometers and 02 infrared image temperature observing helmets.

In a statement issued by the Embassy states: “Sri Lankan Armed Forces are playing important role in curbing the spread of COVID-19 and facing much risk. The People’s Liberation Army of Chian shares the same experience and emotion with Sri Lankan counterpart. The Ministry of National Defence of PRC decided to donate medical supplies to Sri Lanka Armed Forces to facilitate their operations.

Representing the People’s Liberation Armed Forces of China, Defence Attaché Senior Colonel Wan Dong, and Deputy Defence Attaché Colonel Chang Qianjin handed over the medical consignment officially to Defence Ministry’s Military Liaison Officer Brigadier Nishantha Manage, at the BIA.