SRQ Robotics donates remotely operated UV disinfection robot

June 11, 2020
  • Takes lesser time to disinfect a wider area

A team of engineers of the ‘SRQ Robotics’, affiliated to the Moratuwa University, has donated an Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection robot which can disinfect public places.

The robot was handed over to Defence Secretary Maj. Gen. (Retd) Kamal Gunaratne at the Ministry yesterday (June 10).

This sophisticated invention is remotely operated and uses Ultraviolet (UV) radiation for disinfection. According to the inventors at ‘SRQ Robotics’, the robot addresses existing limitation in the use of liquid.

It also provides a low cost solution in disinfecting of larger spaces such as hotels, universities, schools and public places such as transport services.

“The cost of a similar robot in the international market would be around Rs. 30 million whereas our product costs only Rs. 1 million,” Head of the engineering team Tharindu Suraj told the defence.lk.