A betterment of the effects of anti drugs campaign can be experienced by mid year, President

February 22, 2019

Rs.423 million to conduct the Gramashakthi People's movement in the Southern province

President Sirisena says that betterment in the situation regarding the program against drugs carried on by the government can be experienced in the middle of this year.

The broad and strong program conducted by this government is the main cause behind it said the President.

President Maithripala Sirisena mentioned this addressing the southern province action committee of Gramashakthi People's Movement held at the administrative complex of Hambanthota today (21).

The drug issue as well as all the menace that make all the people fall in to poverty trap should be considered and that the Gramashakthi People's Movement is carrying on a momentous project to build a strong nation which is independent and strong, motioned the President.

The government will intervene to save the poverty striken people who are trapped in micro monetary debts, asured the President.

A special week will be named after the Grama shakthi project and these programs will be speedily conducted, according the instructions of the President.

The money estimated is Rs.428 million to carry on the Grama shakthi people's movement in the southern province. The Galle district which has 11,35,345 people has a poverty index of 2.9%, the Matara district where 8,51,337 are residing is 4.4% and the poverty index of Hambanthota district where 6,46,493 are residing is 1.2%.

The people who are poverty stricken were targeted and the Grama shakthi people's movement is conducted efficiently in the regions of southern district while the President stressed its importance and emphasized the importance of distributing the funds properly.

The progress in conducting the Grrama shakthi people's movement so far and the issues that is being emerging was discussed broadly.

The damages done to the crops by the animals, issues in dumping litter, and other issues faced by the people of the province were also discussed at the meeting.

Meanwhile the Sulthanagoda village unit of southern province Grama shakthi people's movement and a Japanese company signed an agreement about buying the fruits and vegetables produced by the Gramashakthi society.

Minister Sajith Premadasa, Chamal Rajapaksha, Mahinda Amaraweera, Deleep Wedaarachchi, Chief Minister of Southern province Shan Wjieylal De Silva, and public representatives of the province, Secretaries of districts of Galle, Matara, Hambanthota, provincial secretaries and public officers, and other representatives of the Grama Shakthi People's Movement were present in this meeting.

Meanwhile the President went on an observational visit in the Prajapalitha village of the Thissamaharama divisional electorate, Julpalgama, Grama Nildhari division and inquired on the issues faced by the people of the village.

The drinking water issue, road development, providing facilities to schools, sanitary issues, wild elephant issue, and issues faced by the people were discussed and the President was made aware of this and the chief minister of southern province Shan Wijeylal De Silva promised to solve those issue in front of the President.

Simultaneous to the Grama Shakthi People's Movement the three wheelers were officially presented to 4 schools at Thissamaharamaya School by the President. This was a project conducted by Minister Sajith Premadasa.

Appreciating 8 trade stalls evaded from selling cigarettes at the Julpallegama division conducted according to the drug prevention program of the division the President presented certificates appreciating them.

The students of Kawanthissa pura Maha Vidayalaya presented a gift to the President.

Courtesy : Pmdnews.lk