Stern action against individuals involving in unwarranted actions

May 17, 2019

I would like to express our concern and attention that have been taken with regard to maintaining peace and harmony of this country. The Sri Lanka Air Force has predominantly been occupying on the air defence of the country and we have taken measures immediately on the aftermath of these incidents to secure the international airport in Katunayake as well as the Mattala airport. The Air Force is taking part in all security activities alongside the Army, Navy, Police, STF and the Civil Defence Force to secure and bring about normalcy in the lives of the public by providing security all religious places irrespective of the religion, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu and Christian temples and we have given extra security to the schools to make sure that children can be sent to school without fear, said so the Commander of the Sri Lanka Air Force Air Marshal Kapila Jayampathy, making a media statement on Thursday (16) at the Media Centre in Kollupitiya.

Unwarranted people who are engaging in breaking the peace and harmony in the aftermath of these incidents are being constantly monitored and videoed from air by the Air Force and we will not hesitate to take any stern action against any individuals who are taking part into these unwarranted actions. And I also would like to request the nation that, this is a time that we all need to get together, unite and stand together to recover and step fast into our normal lives, he further said