r Ministry of Defence - Sri Lanka

All measures taken to ensure public security

May 12, 2019

Making a press statement, Secretary to the Ministry of Defence General SHS Kottegoda (Rtd) WWV RWP RSP VSV USP ndc, said that the Security Forces, Special Task Force, Police and the Civil Security Department have been able to bring the situation under control after the April 21st incidents by arresting most of the perpetrators involved in the suicide bombings. He said that Security Forces and Police are working round the clock to ensure public security and security has been provided to all schools, places of religious worship, tourist locations, tourist hotels and places where the public gather. He also appealed to the general public to be aware of fake news spread across the social media.

Joining with the Secretary, the Chief of Defence Staff, Admiral Ravindra Wijegunaratne said that the Tri Forces, Police, STF, Civil Defence Department together with the intelligences services have been very successful in their operations against the terror group. Most of the terrorist who had carried out this attack and their supporters have died or have been arrested by authorities. The general public can carry out their day to day activities without fear. Security measures that are in place now will continue to operate in order to assure the security of the public in the future as well, he further added.