r Ministry of Defence - Sri Lanka

SL Army Contingent ready for departure to take UN assignment
in South Sudan

January 27, 2023

The 9th contingent of the Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps (SLAMC) received greetings from the Army Commander Lt. Gen. Vikum Liyanage at the SLAMC Regimental Headquarters ground at Werahera on Wednesday (Jan 25) prior to their leave for the United Nations Peace-Keeping Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) to serve the Level-2 SRIMED Hospital on 2 February.

The Army Commander who was warmly welcomed by Colonel Commandant of the SLAMC and Director General of Army Health Services Brig. P.A.C Fernando on arrival  to the venue took the salute of the contingent in conformity with military traditions at the parade ground,

The Army Commander handed over the National flag, United Nations flag, Army flag and the Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps flag to the SRIMED bound contingent Commander as part of the formalities, denoting that their preparations for the mission are now complete and ready to undertake responsibilities, the Army sources stated.

The 9th South Sudan bound contingent is made up of 66 Army personnel including 17 Officers,  40 SLAMC Others Ranks with various professions, 02 Other Ranks from Sri Lanka Signal Corps, 02 from Corps of Engineer Service, 04 Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and 01 from the Sri Lanka Army Service Corps, the Army also stated.

The 8th Sri Lankan (SRIMED) contingent already serving the UN assignment in South Sudan is expected to return home shortly after the new 9th contingent takes over their duties.

Deputy Chief of Staff, Commandant, Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force, Centre Commandant of Regimental Headquarters, SLAMC, Senior Officers and Other Ranks and family members of the contingent troops participated in the event.

Courtesy: www.army.lk