Security measures stepped up to ensure public safety

May 07, 2019

Tri Forces, Police, STF and the Civil Defence Department have worked tirelessly to ensure the security of the country since the aftermath of the terrorist incident, said so the Secretary to the Ministry of Defence, General SHS Kottegoda (Retd) during a press briefing held at the Ministry, last evening (06 May). At present a systematic security arrangement is being carried out to face any terrorist threats. It is requested that the people do not get deceived by persons spreading false information or rumours and it is also requested not to publicize false statements undermining national security that is in place now.

Tri Forces and Police have taken all required security measures to ensure the safety of the schools. Together with the cooperation of the parents, school authorities and teachers, schools could continue to function smoothly, the Secretary further said.

All security measures have been taken by the Tri Forces and Police to ensure the security of the people. The Tri Forces have been given with necessary powers under the Emergency Regulations and necessary actions were taken to provide security to all places to facilitate the return of normalcy of life of the general public, said so the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake. Necessary instructions have already been issued to take action against all those connected with the bombing. He also requested the people to avoid having unnecessary fear and not to believe rumours.

The Navy has stepped up security to all ports and has also taken measures to ensure the security of the country together with the other services. Measures have also been taken to ensure security of coastal areas and the seas and to curb possible threats and illegal activities through them, said the Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Piyal De Silva. With the collective effort of all sections of the society we would be able to bring back normalcy and resume our day to day activities, he further added.

The Air Force took immediate measures soon after the Easter Sunday bombing, to tighten security and ensure the safety of the passengers at the Katunayake airport. Security measures are taken to provide maximum security to the passengers and it requested to bear with any inconveniences that they may experience. The Air Force has also taken action to face any possible air threats, said so the Commander of the Air Force, Air Marshal Kapila Jayampathy. He also requested the people not believe rumours.

The Police were able to identify the suspects behind the bombing while a number of them died in the suicide attack. Two bomb experts in that group had also died. Police have also recovered all explosive items hidden by this group for possible future use. It can clearly be stated that all those involved in these attacks have been identified and those directly responsible have been taken into custody, said so the acting IG, Senior Deputy Inspector General C D Wickramaratne. Life is returning to normalcy. Police is working with the Tri Forces to ensure security. Awareness programmes are also being conducted at schools. It is requested from the public not to believe unconfirmed information circulated through social media, and if the need arises anyone can contact the relevant authorities to seek clarifications, he further added.

The press briefing was held to educate the public on the current security situation of the country.