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‘Jaya Piritha’ concluded at Sandahiru Seya invoking blessings on the country

May 21, 2023

•         Both Sandahiru Seya and Jaya Piritha signify nations gratitude

The annual calendar event, chanting of ‘Jaya Pirith’ presided over by Ven. Maha Sangha to invoke blessings on the country, its people, fallen war heroes and differently-able war veterans, came to an end following an alms-giving at the Sandahiru Seya premises today (21) under the patronage of State Minister of Defence Hon. Premitha Bandara Tennakoon and Defence Secretary General Kamal Gunaratne.

Meanwhile, the last evening (20) event saw ‘Rathana Suthra’ chanting as a forceful protective measure to eliminate evil spirits and to protect the society from evil influences and pestilences, as it has been used since the past.

The ritual alms-giving associated with the Jaya Piritha took place this morning and the offering of alms to hundred monks.

Chief of Defence Staff General Shavendra Silva, Tri-Forces Commanders and high ranking state and military officials and a gathering of distinguished invitees took part in this meritorious act to receive religious blessings.

The annual Jaya Pirith chanting was commenced in year 2008 in order to invoke blessings on the tri-forces personnel who were marching forward to eliminate the ruthless terrorism from the motherland.

The State Minister of Defence carried the relic casket to the 'Pirith Mandapaya' in a religious procession and requested Ven. Maha Sangha to commence the Pirith Chanting.

Ven. Ralapanave Dhammajothi Nayaka thero, upon the invitation of State Minister Tennakoon made the opening sermon and the Anushasana (religious oration) during the session.

Religious proceedings were led by Most Ven. Pallegama Hemarathanabhidana Nayaka Thero in the presence of Ven. Ralapanave Dhammajothi Nayaka Thero and Ven. Welihene Sobitha Nayaka Thero.

Family members of fallen war heroes and differently-able veterans were also present at the event which invoked blessings on them and the tri-forces.

Director General of the Civil Security Department, senior Tri Forces and police officers and a large number of devotees were also present at the occasion to receive religious blessings.

'Sanda TV' facilitated the live telecast for the programme.