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Navy brings ashore 03 distressed local fishermen stranded in Indian waters
following mechanical failure in fishing vessel

September 18, 2023

The Sri Lanka Navy today (17th September 2023) brought ashore 03 distressed fishermen who were aboard a local fishing trawler, which had capsized after drifting into Indian waters north of Sri Lanka. The fishermen were rescued by a Merchant Vessel before the Sri Lanka Navy brought them ashore, through the coordination of the Maritime Rescue Coordinating Centre (MRCC) Colombo. Upon being brought ashore, the fishermen were rushed to the District General Hospital, Hambantota for medical attention.

The distressed trawler OFRP-A-1604 TLE had been at sea for a routine fishing expedition, having left from Hambantota on 02nd September and unfortunately capsized after drifting towards Indian waters, as a result of mechanical failure. Meanwhile, MV INTERSEA VOYAGER passing through the sea area spotted the distress and disseminated it to MRCC Chennai which in response had directed the Merchant Vessel to save the fishermen of the distressed fishing vessel. Subsequently, MRCC Colombo was alerted about the incident.

Coordinated by MRCC Colombo, MV INTERSEA VOYAGER brought the fishermen off Hambantota Harbour. Subsequently, the Sri Lanka Navy sent out the Fast Attack Craft P 421 belonging to the 4th Fast Attack Flotilla to bring ashore the fishermen carried by MV INTERSEA VOYAGER. After being brought to land, the fishermen were promptly taken to Hambantota District General Hospital for immediate medical care.

In collaboration with MRCC Colombo located at the Navy Headquarters, the Sri Lanka Navy remains continuously vigilant to offer assistance to any maritime distress situations not only within the Search and Rescue Region (SRR) of Sri Lanka but also neighbouring SRRs.

Courtesy - www.navy.lk