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Timely action by authorities prevents major disaster

October 06, 2023

A landslide was reported from Thennapitahena kanda in Diyalape Akuressa in the Matara district at around 5.00 pm yesterday (Oct 05).

No loss of lives or missing of persons has been so far reported from the disaster site.

Matara District Officer of National Building Research Organization (NBRO) Mr. C.S. Menikpura stated that action had been taken to evacuate occupants of six (6) houses which were directly in the high risk zone after tests carried out by the NBRO in the area earlier of the day and had shown signs of an imminent landslide. Apart from the permanently evacuated houses, occupants of another three (03) houses were temporarily evacuated to safer locations.

Timely action by NBRO, DMC and other state agencies following the directions of the State Minister of Defence Premitha Bandara Tennakoon had prevented a major disaster and loss of human lives, and the quick action of these officials was praised by the minister.

The evacuated people are being housed in safe locations and authorities have made arrangements to provide them with necessary amenities.

Meanwhile authorities are keeping a close watch on the developing situation and potential disasters or emergency situations amidst the continuing rains in the country.