r Ministry of Defence - Sri Lanka

Press release

February 02, 2024

The Cabinet has approved the Cabinet Paper No. 23/2527/603/061 dated 24.01.2024, on paying of salary and allowances to the dependents of deceased Tri-Forces personnel, who had retired from service on medical grounds owing to terrorist activities during active service in the war prior to 19.05.2009, those deceased prior to reaching 55 years.

Cabinet approval has been granted to the Cabinet paper presented by H.E. the President Ranil Wickramasinghe with the intervention of the Ministry of Defence.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Defence announces that the salary and allowances of Tri-Forces personnel, those retired from the armed forces on medical grounds due to being disabled owing to terrorist activities while actively contributing to the war prior to 19. 05. 2009, prior to reaching the age of 55 years will be paid to their dependents until the date of completing 55 years of age of the deceased.

Also, the fixed monthly stipend previously granted to these beneficiaries as per a Cabinet approval, i.e. salary, pension and allowances that would have been entitled when he reached the age of 55 years if that person had been alive, will be entitled to his widow for her lifetime.