Weapons and explosives found during search operations

May 02, 2019

Combined search operations are continuing in many parts of the country after security measures were tightened in the aftermath of the deadly Easter Sunday suicide bombings. Army troops involved in search operations with other services and Police have arrested several suspects and recovered arms, ammunitions and explosives. According to Army media, these search operations had been conducted in Serunuwara, Sammanthurai, Eravur, Kalmunai, etc in the East and Kotiyakumbura, Kegalle under the Security Force Headquarters-West by yesterday afternoon (01 May).

During a cordon and search operation in the Sammanthurai town area troops were able to recover items including 200 gelignite sticks, service threads, 200 detonators, 2 pistols, pistol ammunitions, 1 T-56 magazine and 170 rounds of ammunition, ammonia packets.

A search operation carried out in the general area of Eravur after information received from the public, troops recovered six T-56 Magazines, 362 rounds of T-56 ammunition, one round of General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) ammunition, 2 hand grenades (unserviceable) two knives and an unserviceable sword. Two Air rifles, 5 swords, 3 suspicious motor bikes, one locally-made rifle and a map of the ancient Seruwawila Buddhist temple were among the items recovered from a search operation carried out in the general areas of Wan Ela and Serunuwara.

Troops found 11 petrol bombs, 2 Walkie-talkies, 16 passports, 9 knives, 12 mobile phones, 4 WiFi routers, 2 hand grenades, 8 hand axes, 3 swords, 1 Nanchaku, 1 binocular, 1 GPS and the trouser of an Army-like desert combat kit general area of Kotiyakumbura, Kegalle. Several suspects were arrested and handed over to the Police for further investigations.

According to Navy media, three suspects have been arrested during search operations conducted in the past couple of days. During a search operation in Erakkandi town and beach area on 27th April, a suspect was taken into custody with explosives materials. 16 water gel sticks, 160 non electric detonators, 60 pieces of safety fuses (each about 12.5ft in length) and a motorcycle were seized during the search operations conducted at the Erakkandi town area.

Meanwhile, 48 water gel sticks, 55 non electric detonators and 34 pieces of safety fuses (each about 14.5ft in length) had been found during a search conducted in the Erakkandi beach area. One water gel tube, 05 non electric detonators and a safety fuse were recovered by naval troops during a foot patrol in Jinnapuram. Two suspects were arrested with 05 non electric detonators and 53m long safety fuses, during a search of a kiosk near the Hadaoya Bridge in Pottuvil, Panama.

Search operation carried out by the Air Force in Mullachchikulam, Keeriyankalli resulted in the arrest of 17 suspects and had recovered a large amount of extremist literature, mobile phones and computer equipment. One person was arrested at another search operation carried out at Mudranala Watta in Kanuwana.

In the meantime, the annual feast of the St Joseph?s Church in Thannamunai, Batticaloa was held with security being provided by the Army. More than 800 devotees and 125 Catholic priests were present at the feast.