Opportunity for devotees to deposit treasures at Sandahiru Stupa ‘Square Chamber’

March 16, 2021
  • Depositing of treasures at Square Chamber on 28th March Poya Day
  • Crest-Gem and Minaret taken around the country for public veneration
  • 7 days to offer treasures for Square Chamber
  • Stupa to be vested on devotees in November 2021

The religious ceremony organized for the depositing of treasures at the Square Chamber of the Sandahiru Stupa will be held on 28 March, said the Defence Secretary Gen. Kamal Gunaratne (Retd) today (16 Mar).

Having completed the construction of Hemispherical Dome of the gigantic Stupa, the Square Chamber construction will be commenced following the depositing of treasures, he added.

During a media brief held at the Defence Ministry today, the Defence Secretary said “the opportunity is available for devotees around the country to offer their treasures for this noble cause from 20 to 27 March at the temple” adding that “a special committee has been appointed to collect all the treasures receiving from the general public”.

Especially, the opportunity is available for the families of fallen war heroes to offer treasures if any, in memory of their beloved ones, he also highlighted during the session.

Plans are afoot for exposition of the Crest-Gem and the Minaret all around the country in a religious procession for public veneration, he noted.

The Defence Secretary denoting the culmination of the construction process stated that the gigantic sacred Stupa which is only second to Ruwanwelisaya would be vested on public hopefully in November 2021.

The invaluable labour support extended by devotees from various parts of the country prior to the COVID-19 outbreak was also recalled during the session. 

“The 24/7 working process would be continued for the 39 feet height Square Chamber erection”, he said indicating that “Cylindrical Neck is over 23 feet in height while Conical Spire takes 73 feet of the Stupa.

The Crest-Gem is 3 feet in height, he further said. 

Reminding Sandahiru Seya construction which was initiated under the directives of the fifth Executive President of the country and the present Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, in appreciation of the noble services rendered by the Security Forces personnel to rid the country of terrorism, he said “It was built with the contribution of tri-forces personnel, devotees and various donors”.

Accordingly, the assembly of square chamber rings, creation of conical spire and minaret, placing of sacred symbolic Crest-Gem at the pointing tip, engravings, carvings and art work will be the other associated work in the pipeline.

The Military Liaison Officer of the Defence Ministry Brig. Dinesh Nanayakkara, Director Media Col. Chandima Kumarasinghe, ministry officials and a large gathering of media personnel were present at the media briefing.