Treasure collection for Sandahiru Stupa ends on 27th

March 22, 2021
  •     Avail yourself of a rare opportunity

Devotees are now arriving at the Sandahiru Stupa in response to the recent announcement signifying the arrangements set up to collect treasures since the plans are afoot to deposit those at the Sandahiru Stupa Square Chamber.

Gathering of devotees around the collection centre has been seen along with their precious artifacts at the venue since 20th March.

The collection centre is especially open for the families of fallen war heroes to offer treasures if any, in memory of their beloved ones.

This rare opportunity is available for devotees around the country to offer their treasures until 27 March since the trove of treasures are scheduled to be deposited on the upcoming Poya Day on 28 March amidst religious blessings.

Thereafter, the onward erection of the square chamber and the conical spire would be commenced.