Cabinet nods to facilitate war hero dependents

April 29, 2021

·         Relief measure for over 30,000 countrywide war hero dependents

·         No decision for a total lockdown

·         Additional 2500 hospital beds from the tri-forces

“The Cabinet approval has been granted for the lifetime salary and allowances payment for war hero dependents” said the Defence Secretary Gen. Kamal Gunaratne (Retd) today.

The approval has been granted for the Cabinet Paper submitted by His Excellency the President in his capacity as the Defence Minister on Sep 10, 2020 seeking avenues to facilitate the war hero dependents, the Defence Secretary stated.

Gen. Gunaratne expressed these remarks while addressing a media brief at the Defence ministry to announce the Cabinet approval and said over 30,000 countrywide war hero dependent families will be benefited with the move.

“A number of facilities are now available as pledged” the Defence Secretary stressed recalling futile protests staged demanding those despite the real facts.    

Accordingly, the total of salaries and allowances entitled to receive until the completion of 55 years of the deceased member will be paid to the widows of married Tri-Forces / Police Members who died due to terrorism during their life time.
Furthermore, approval has been granted for the payment of lifetime monthly allowance of Rs. 25,000.00 to the parents of married/unmarried Tri-Forces and Police personnel from the date of completion of the age of 55 years to the veteran who died following terrorist activities.

Meanwhile, responding to a question on coronavirus upsurge in the island, Gen. Gunaratne said, “There is no decision for a total ‘lockdown’ except isolating the affected areas according to the extents of clusters”.

“Arrangements are in the pipeline to enhance the number hospital beds by providing 2500 additional beds from the tri-forces to cater to the situation, if demanded”, he added. 

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