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Special stickers for essential service vehicles from tomorrow

June 06, 2021

Sri Lanka Police has introduced a sticker system for the vehicles engaging in essential services and entering Colombo city during the period of travel restriction is in force.

Accordingly, eleven special stickers have been introduced in a separate colour code for identification, the Police said.

The new sticker system will be effective from tomorrow (June 7) and will be valid for the entire travel restriction period, said the Police Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana.

The colour code and respective sectors are as follows :

Health Services -   Green
Tri-Force/Police -   Blue
Essential Items Distribution -   Red
Essential Services Supplies -   Yellow
Public Sector -   Pink
Import/Export -   Brown
Food Delivery -   Grey
Private Sector -   Purple
Media -   Orange
Airport Travel -   White
Emergency -   Black