SLN sets a new diving record

July 20, 2021

Commander Nishantha Balasooriya, of the Sri Lanka Navy has set a new diving record along with Able Diver WWNP Sandaruwan recently.

According to the SLN sources, Commander Balasooriya who is also the Eastern Naval Command Diving Officer along with his companion has set a new diving record of 100 metres off the Elephant Island in Trincomalee.

Prior to the record breaking achievement, both of them had practiced well in several diving attempts.

Accordingly, both divers have completed 73 and 75 metre dives in two recent occasions prior to the record-breaking day, the SLN said.

This undertaking made on their own will by the two divers is thought to be the deepest dive ever performed by the SLN, the SLN also added.