Law enforcing agencies nab another haul of cannabis in northern seas

July 20, 2021

Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) and Sri Lanka Coast Guard nabbed 139 kilos and 100 grams of cannabis worth Rs. 41 million in a joint operation at the seas off Thondamanaru, Jaffna yesterday (July 19).

In a special raid carried out by the law enforcing agencies seized the haul of Kerala cannabis dumped at sea by the illegal drug runners.

According to the SLN, the smugglers have abandoned the cannabis haul following their inability to fetch them ashore owing to continuous seaborne operations.

The street value of the cannabis haul is believed to be over Rs. 41 million, the SLN also revealed.

The entire raid was conducted adhering to the healthcare guidelines, and the items nabbed were set on fire, the news added.