No room for drug smuggling ring at any cost - Defence Secretary

September 19, 2021

The Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) in coordination with the Sri Lanka Police and Intelligence Services arrested a foreign fishing vessel carrying over 170 kilos of heroin worth of Rs. 1,575 million along with nine suspects at the international waters, south of Sri Lanka and escorted to Colombo Harbour on 18 Sep 2021.

The narcotic loaded vessel was seized while it had been stationed at the international waters about 850 nautical miles (approx. 1574 km) away from southern tip of Sri Lanka, under the guise of a fishing vessel.

Further investigations into the incident are being conducted.

SLN has been carrying out similar operations in order to create a drug free society in Sri Lanka.

Defence Secretary Gen. Kamal Gunaratne (Retd) affirmed that tri forces and law enforcing agencies are continuously engaging in similar operations to eradicate the drug menace.

The  Defence Ministry also asserted that all avenues of illegal drug inflow into the country are further restricted along with the coordinated efforts of all intelligence agencies.